Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music do you play?
We play music of many styles arranged for mandolin orchestra. This includes transcriptions of classical music, mandolin orchestra arrangements from the early 1900s, modern compositions for mandolin orchestra, and arrangements of popular tunes.

Where do you get your music?
We get music from other mandolin orchestras and from contemporary composers and arrangers, and we make some of our own arrangements.

What instruments do you use in the group?
We use mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, mando-cello, guitar, and bass.

Where do you play?
We play at park concerts, senior homes, parties, bluegrass festivals, book stores, church dinners, and other places.

Who would I contact for bookings?
Tedd Ronning is our booking agent. You can call him at 651-770-0706 or send e-mail to ronning@mindspring.com .

Who is your music director?
Lon Hendricks is our music director. You can call him at 651-644-2975 or send e-mail to lonzoh@yahoo.com .

How many players do you have?
About twenty.

Do you have a smaller group for venues that are too small for the whole group?
Yes, we have a quartet that can play at smaller venues.

Are you looking for more players?

Where and when do you rehearse?
We rehearse most Mondays from 7:00 to 8:30. We're usually at the Baha'i Center in Minneapolis, but sometimes we rehearse at other locations. Check the MMO schedule page to see where we'll be.

How do you get to the Baha'i Center?
From 35W, take the 35th/36th Street exit. Go east on 36th Street to Chicago Avenue and turn right. The address is 3644 Chicago Avenue South. Go in the main entrance.

How can I join the group?
Come and sit in on a rehearsal. If you enjoy playing with us, come back and play with us again. There are no auditions, formal admission procedures, or fees.

Can I go to a rehearsal just to observe?
Yes. All rehearsals are open to anyone who wants to observe or play along.

Should I take my own music stand to a rehearsal?

Do I have to be able to read music to join the group?
All our music is written in standard music notation. If you'd like to play with us but don't read music, we can help you learn.

Are the musicians paid for performances?

Not usually, but we sometimes pay a small stipend if the gig pays well, or if much travel is required.

How long has the MMO been in existence?
Jack El-Hai started the group in 1991.

How is the MMO funded?
We earn the money we need by playing gigs.

If you would like to add a question or comment on any of the answers, send me mail.